Living a less toxic life in a toxic world

through the 7 pathways

Personal Coaching

Health coaching personalized to you and your individual needs.  

Group Classes

Learn about the 7 pathways in a group class setting and come away knowing how to live healthier in every aspect of your life


The 7 Pathways

What you put in your body

What you put on your body

How clean is your living environment?


How you spend your time 

What fills your mind?

 How do you tend your heart?

What do you do for your soul?


Barbara Anderson

Wellness Coach

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I am deeply passionate about helping people live a less toxic life in a toxic world. This passion was born out of my own personal health journey and that of several family members. I have learned a great deal over the years about how to heal and have vibrant health through my own experience, research, conference attendance, and through mentoring by various integrative and naturopathic professionals. I have a Bachelors in Social Work which provides me with the skills to be able to work with individuals in a therapeutic, healing setting. | 719.238.5848



Barb is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her teachings. She inspired me to be more mindful about what I put in/on the bodies of myself and my family. I am feeling so much healthier since I've adopted her advice. Her class was a pleasure to attend and I recommend her life coaching to anyone who wants to better their lives.

Katie N / Wisconsin